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Anthony Howe creates the world's most mesmerizing kinetic sculptures. His wind-powered, curved-metal designs tower up to 25 feet high, and are on display in public spaces around the world. Take a break from reality as you stare at Howe's artwork and prepare to be transfixed.
You've heard of dirt bike racing, but in Europe, sidecar motocross is all the rage. And brothers Sam and Andy Houghton have been sidecar racing for years. As longtime solo dirt bike racers, everything changed when Andy had an accident in 2005 that left him in a wheelchair.

Written and produced by Eben Hall. Tucked away in a corner of London's Royal Botanic Gardens, there is a very peculiar plant. At first glance, it resembles a stumpy palm tree, but this ancient specimen is incredibly rare. It is, in fact, the very last of its kind on Earth.

Alex Carozza has been building and repairing accordions in New York City since 1960. The last craftsman of his kind in the city, Alex is the living memory of a once vibrant musical culture that has all but disappeared from New York. This is the story of a true classic.
The Missouri Auction School is the oldest and largest auction school in the world. There, students learn all aspects of the business, but most importantly, they hone their auction chant. Before students graduate they have to sell at a real auction for real money. Going once, going twice ... sold!
Skiing is pedestrian. Why not up the ante? Maybe add a galloping horse? Welcome to the sport of skijoring. Meet rider Richard Weber III, skier Darin Anderson and their horses Derby and Prince as they pummel the snowy streets of Red River, NM, during a recent skijoring competition.
For 53 years, Justo Gallego has been building a cathedral by hand on the outskirts of Madrid almost entirely by himself. Gallego has no formal architecture or construction training, but that hasn't stopped him from toiling on this herculean task. At 90 years old, Gallego knows that he will not be able to finish the project in his lifetime. But he keeps at it anyway, day after day, driven by his faith.

Ralf Groene - inventor and designer of the Microsoft Surface - reflects on his product and the discipline of design.

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Meet Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis-they've been making movie monsters for Hollywood movies for the last 35 years at their company, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. But you won't find any computer-generated effects at this studio. Tom and Alec design and create REAL creatures with their own two hands-and they also perform them.
If you could letter in lumberjack-ing, Jack Cearley would be top flannel. He's tried football and basketball, but prefers competing with an axe in hand. This college senior loves forestry so much that he regularly competes in lumberjack tournaments. He'll be your guide through the wild, woody world of collegiate timbersports.
In their daily lives, Sasha Fix and Yehia Abu Nijmeh would probably never cross paths, let alone share a friendship. But the pair is bound by music. Fix, an Israeli, and Nijmeh, a Palestinian, are both members of the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus, a choral program for high school students in Jerusalem.
We've all heard of bull riding and bullfighting. But bull-leaping? That's a whole new level of courage (craziness?). For Spaniard José Manuel Medina, however, bull-leaping, or "recorte," is an adrenaline-filled way of life. In recorte competitions, bull-leapers invite charging bulls toward them in order to evade the animals via side-steps, flips and acrobatic turns. A panel of judges scores their moves. Unlike bullfighting, no harm is done to the animals. Enter the ring ... if you dare.
In Nanaimo, Canada, the police keep the peace and promote the law like anywhere else, but they also have another important job: promoting positivity. Officers are issuing "positive tickets" to local youth caught in the act of doing good. The sense of community fostered by the program is working, and its reach extending around the world.

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